my comeyyy :)

my beloved forever :)

hey ! tengok foto kat atas ni ! handsome, right? who is this man ?? haha  of course, this man my beloved lah .. his name is AMIRUL HAKIM  :) SHORT NAME dia .. RUL ! haha .. funny ryte ? my father call him like that .. so cute .. HAHA  .. u know what .. I love him very much . I cannot live without him know. he is very sweet, romantic, funny, MANJA ni tau and better than other men . *takboleh puji lebih2 lah !  Im very lucky to get together with him and he was very loved me. u have ? haha. I dont think even u can get as good of his heart, ryte ? u all jealous ? haha ... btw :) aku bahgie sangat dgn dia . i dont want to lost him .. no ! no ! never never and never okay !! i will die if i lost him :( so , please .. dont take him from me :) i will hempok2 u and kasi u punye tetek d gigit same anjing ! u mau ?? berani .. try lah .. he is MINE . forever an ever :) muah sayang ..

 FUCK aku kasi kat kau ;p btw , kami sedang bhgia skang ! so , jangan erh nak gedik2 kacau .. aku sepakk pepek korang sampai pecah !! lu mau mati try lahh ;p hahaha

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